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Join Us - Sunday 5:00pm@Son Valley Ranch

Young Guns

Young Guns is our young adult group at Sportsman's Church. It is designed for those that have graduated High School and are 18-25 years old!

We were not meant to operate separate from God, Francis Chan's series, "Forgotten God" tries to remind us that only when we embrace and invest in our relationship with God that we can achieve more than human sized objectives.

During these years most folks answer some of the biggest questions they will ever face in life! Will I follow Jesus? What am I going to do with my life? Where do I want to live? Is this the person I am supposed to marry?

Those are some huge questions and this group can help pray with you on these and others, but more importantly find friendship. We hope to see you on Mondays at 730pm at 1701 Victoria Station Rd apt 1712, if you can make it or let someone know about this opportunity!

Contact Dylan Brown for more information at 361-649-5987.