Join Us - Sunday 5:00pm@Son Valley Ranch

7th - 12th STUDENT MINISTRY at Sportsman Church


We invest in students at SC! We have a great team of families that show compassion and care. Times are tough and making great decisions are critical for our students to thrive in our culture and build strong relationships. You will find our weekly gatherings and events at Son Valley Ranch in Victoria Texas to be a safe place to send your student.




On Wednesday Nights you can expect anything from fishing, sports activities, messy games, and a meaningful message for students! We have our own band that engages the students in songs, we provide them home cooked meals, and we have an awesome leadership team that loves Jesus. We lead students through a Biblical message, small group time, and how that works in their life. This is a perfect place for your student to connect with Christ, leaders, and their friends. We meet on Wednesday’s at 5:00 p.m. under the Ranch Pavilion.

Wildlife Discipleship is a spiritual growth track that can last 12 weeks. Yes, that is a giant commitment! The material encourages goal planning, daily prayer, scripture memorization, and student/leader accountability. If your student wants to go to the next level this is for them and we think they were made for this! Boys and girls small groups available. For more details/questions contact Brandy Garza at 361-935-0591.

***All our volunteers have been through our leadership training and background checks. Our team holds each other accountable to maintain a safe and secure environment for students to thrive.

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