Join Us - Sunday 6:00pm@Son Valley Ranch

SC Team


Steve Argubright

Brad Chesak

Wayne Atkinson

Glen Dry


Tommy Webb

Greg Shelby

Josh Sevier

Garlan Vick

Audley Dry


Ali Sevier ~ Operating

Michelle Humphries ~ Accounting

Sandy Crawford ~ Connections

Team Leaders

J'Lyn Womble ~ Sunday Critter Care 2 Years and Under

Chelsey Reeder ~ Sunday Explorers 3 Years-Kinder

Sandy Crawford ~ Wednesday Explorers 3 Yrs-Kinder

Cherylnn Dry ~ Camo Kids 1st-6 Grade

Brandy Garza ~ Wildlife 7th-12th grade

Emily Hirschhauser ~ Women

Glen Dry ~ Men

Brad Chesak ~ Marriage/Campfires

Dylan Brown ~ Young Guns 18-25

Stephen Dearmond ~ Utilities/Single Fathers

Will Kinnison ~ Band

Todd Bures ~ Missions

TJ Bures ~ Intern

Heidi Anthony ~ Care

Bill Anthony ~ Feed the Need (Meat Ministry)

Greg Wise ~ Outdoor Ministry (TFO)


To contact our team leaders please call 361-894-6200 and leave a message! We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible...
















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